Human Terrain

I’m fascinated by this graphic way of viewing the size and spatial relationship of the world’s cities.

I live right there in Denver but I was born in Laramie, which is that little spike up there to the left of Cheyenne.

Try it yourself: Human Terrain: Visualizing the World’s Population, in 3D. You should see your own area and be able to fly around the world looking at others

It seems like there should be some way of adapting this type of presentation to genealogy, but I’m not seeing it right off.

Revised to update link.

Soda Pop


The Colorado Rockies aren’t doing so well in the World Series. First time there, maybe last time. Our boys are losing 6-5 as I write. Less humiliating than losing 13-1, as they did in the first game. I tried without luck to get tickets to today’s game. Even losing, I wish I had. The stadium is just a 15 minute walk south, and its parking lot is behind our complex.

Thinking about baseball has me also thinking about soft drinks. Which reminds me that I have a link to a map of the U.S. showing the generic names for soft drinks by county. Here in Denver, the leading term is “pop.” I call it “soda.” Must be a Utah Valley thing.

Now the game is 9-5. This is not going well.