Daily Vedette

Excerpts from the The Daily Union Vedette (1863-1864), a Civil War newspaper published at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City.  These excerpts describe the murder of Samuel R. Bunting by Jason Luce, an associate of Bill Hickman, and Luce’s subsequent trial and execution. *** Murder.—On Monday morning last the prevalent quiet and monotony of city…


Haurie Families in France

Many French families bear names similar to the Swiss Hauris, but they have a different origin. Noms de Famille, an amateur effort, lists the following: Arouet, a name immortalized by Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet de Voltaire, 1694-1778), but now extinct. It might be a variant of Arrouet, which is undoubtedly a diminutive of arrou, which means a watering…


Symbolism of Swans

In the ancient world, it was widely believed that swans sing only once in their lifetimes, just before they die. Socrates and Plato both mentioned this belief. Geoffrey Chaucer alluded to it about 1374. Hence, the phrase swan song, meaning a person’s final labor. This belief led to an association between swans and prophecy, because…


Hauri Family in Freiburg

There was a Hauri family at Freiburg-im-Breisgau, in Baden-Württemberg in the 13th century. The city belonged to the von Urach family, who were Counts of Freiburg. In 1299 a war broke out between the city and Count Egino II over the issue of taxes. The burghers fired on Schlossberg with catapults. The Count called upon…



Heinrich Vecht (c1773-c1822) was living in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania in 1820. He was a German, but his ancestry is otherwise unknown. He might have been a son of Peter Weicht, who immigrated from Silesia in 1753. His descendants anglicized their surname to Weight. Lineal Genealogy Heinrich (Henry) Vecht (c1773-c1822), a farmer in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania….


de Beauharnais

The Beauharnais were an ancient French family of pretended nobility. Through their relationship with Napoléon, they rose to high rank in French and Russian society. They descend from Guillaume Beauharnais, who lived in Orléans, France in the 14th century. The name means “good harness”. François de Beauharnais, marquis de La Ferté Beauharnais (1714-1800), served as…


Howery Coat of Arms

The earliest record of the Hauri coat of arms is an illustration of them in the early 15th century Liber Vitae of the collegiate church of Beromünster, Canton Luzern, to memorialize an undetermined member of the Hauri family. The drawing at right was taken from the Liber Vitae. These arms would be blazoned as: Azure a dove…



Svensk Strömsborg by Per Lundqvist Strömsborg är ett torp som ligger på Sundets västra kant, precis utmed gränsen till Korsbo. Det är från början byggt som undantagsstuga till knekten, när han pensionerades från sin tjänst. Men när man sålde av Sundet från frälset 1911 följde Strömsborg med i affären, men styckades 1929 ? av och blev…



Anders Johansson (c1751-?), a crofter at Hallingeberg in Småland, Sweden. He married Catharina Jonasdotter (c1753-?). Johan “Jaen” Andersson (1776-?), a crofter at Bjorksnås in Dalhem. He married Anna Helena Hultsberg (1784-?), daughter of Peter Hultsberg and Christina Catharina Hammarstand. Anna Sofia Jaensdotter (1826-aft 1895) married Carl Johan Svanström, a soldier.


Russian Connection

Rudolf Hauri of Zofingen wrote an article in 1961 claiming that the Hauris are descendants of Hovri, a Russian merchant who settled in Switzerland in the 13th century (Rudolf Hauri, “Die Familie Hauri”, Zofinger Neujahrsblatt 1961, pp. 94-105): “Zur Zeit der grossen Völkrwanderung im 13. Jahrhundert kamen auch Kaufleute mit Namen Hovri in unsere Gegend. Diese…