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My bookshelves sag beneath the works
Of Berry, Boutell and the Burkes, Fox-Davies,
Fairbairn, Montague, Papworth and others not a few.
Through blazon’s thickets I can grope
With Guillim’s guidance and with Hope,
And climb by tortuous paths and steep
To the remote Baronial keep.
With Planché, Moule and Gerard Legh
I’ve sailed the Aspilogian sea
Whose shores ascend by rocky flights
To scholarly Wagnerian heights.
I’ve read, or (not to tell a fib)
I’ve tried to read the learnèd Squibb,
But from his pages sought relief
In cheerful Iain of Moncrieff.
And now I wonder where in all
This mazy print and misty law,
These tomes and treatises profound,
The soul of heraldry is found.”
— C. W. Scott-Giles (1893-1982), The Motley Herald

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