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  1. John Dutton (1792-1863) came from Oswego County, New York to Will County, Illinois about 1834. He married Sarah Abbott (1798-1861), daughter of Joseph and Chloe Jane (Blackman) Abbott. John’s ancestry in unknown, but he appears to have been a descendant of the John Dutton who settled at Boston in 1630. He might have been a son of Jesse Dutton (1748-1816) and a grandson of David and Judith (Howe) Dutton.
  2. Charles Adley Dutton (1827-1898), a farmer in Clarke County, Iowa. He married Laura Ann Sutton (1835-1908), daughter of Ira Samuel and Mary (Edgerly) Sutton.
  3. Mary Augusta Dutton (1854-1908) married Benton Dudley Alloway (1852-1918). They homesteaded in Nebraska and South Dakota.

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Yellacat Ranch Under a Western Sky
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