Yellacat Ranch Under a Western Sky



Where are the ensigns and the shields
Of Agincourt and Cressy fields?
Where are the lioncels of Bohun,
Proud Percy’s silver demi-lune,
The ruddy chevronels of Clare,
The pile of Chandos, and the vaire
Of Ferrers? Faded long ago
Their colours, in the after-glow
Of chivalry, when blood-red set
The hot sun of Plantagenet.”

— C. W. Scott-Giles (1893-1982), The Motley Fool

Yellacat Ranch Under a Western Sky
Justin Swanstrom

Justin Swanstrom

Made in America. Retired attorney. Bookseller at Shining Lotus. No Nazis in Valhalla. He/him.

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