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Becoming Indian

I’ve been chuckling about this video for a few days now. the1491s. “I’m An Indian Too“. YouTube <>. Sep 21, 2012, retrieved Dec. 12, 2020. So then. When the laughing subsides for a bit, I’m ready to go on with some more reading around this topic. There’s a particularly active faux Red community on I have a long standing interest in the...

Navajo Rock Piles

“Navajo Historian, Wally Brown, teaches about rock piles. If you have ever stumbled across one, now you know what they were for. Maybe you could pick up the tradition and start a rock pile for your family, and make commitments to relatives, both close and distant.“ I love this idea. I come from a family of rock hounds. Sister Laura foremost among us. She inherited Grandma...

Be Native

I don’t know when I’ve seen a video that surprised me more: “Navajo Historian Wally Brown encourages all with Native American DNA to Embrace it and be proud of it.“ Wally Brown: If You’re Native… Be Native I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone with any kind of credibility say something like this. Basically, no matter how little Indian blood you...

Blood Quantum

I watched this Smithsonian presentation in real time. I wish I could make a rule that every genealogist playing with “Indian blood” (meaning Indian identity) would have to watch this presentation. Many genealogists make odd and exaggerated claims because they don’t understand the culture they are researching, often because they don’t know that someone else could see...

New Indians

There’s this thing going on. Whites turning into Indians, at least in part. Lots of hand wringing from purists, but it’s not actually clear how this will turn out. “Ethnicity is a tricky thing because it is commonly understood as something fixed and essential rather than what it more likely is: an unarticulated negotiation between what you call yourself and what other people are...

Yellacat Ranch Under a Western Sky
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