New Projects at

Many y-DNA haplogroups now have projects at, a collaborative website for building family trees. More DNA projects are being added as information becomes available. is a genealogy website, something on the order of or — except that users share management of their common ancestors, and cooperate in the process of researching, documenting and building out their trees. The site currently has over 100 million profiles. It uses a Wikipedia-style environment for research and collaboration.¬†The site’s goal is “to build the definitive online family tree”.

Projects at allow users to group the individual profiles of their ancestors into working collections.¬†Projects can be created for a surname, an event, or a topic — anything that connects a number of profiles together.

The DNA projects at are expected to increase the visibility of genetic genealogy, and demonstrate the value of genetic testing.

You can navigate to any of haplogroup projects at here:

More projects are being added as information becomes available. Here’s the link to the L42 group, the group that the includes the main Swiss family of Hauris: