Analyzing Genetic Samples

Tracing Your Ancestry: Computer Program Accurately Analyzes Anonymous DNA Samples

Science Daily – A group of computer scientists, mathematicians, and biologists from around the world have developed a computer algorithm that can help trace the genetic ancestry of thousands of individuals in minutes, without any prior knowledge of their background.

Unlike previous computer programs of its kind that require prior knowledge of an individual’s ancestry and background, this new algorithm looks for specific DNA markers known as single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs (pronounced snips), and needs nothing more than a DNA sample in the form of a simple cheek swab.

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Photo: Anne Rayner
Photo: Anne Rayner

Tartan Samples

Swanstrom Tartan

As part of the tartan registration process, we have to submit a woven sample. This requirement is intended to insure that every registered design will be woven, not remain just a design concept. We ordered our sample from Molly Manaugh. Actually, I ordered an extra for myself, just to have.

I got the tartan samples tonight. The quality is very high, and it is an amazing feeling to actually see and touch a woven sample of something that two months ago was just an idea. I see now that I should have ordered more samples, to pass out among the family.