1. John Wilson (c1700-1783) and his wife Jean (c1705-?) came from Ireland to Berkeley County, Virginia.
  2. Rev. Jeremiah Wilson (c1735-c1813) moved first to New Jersey, and later to Bath County, Kentucky. He was the progenitor of a large family.
  3. Uriah Wilson (c1755-1825), served as a private in the Washington County, Pennsylvania militia in 1781, during the American Revolution. He married Deborah Cassidy (c1758-c1826). They moved to Nicholas County, Kentucky before 1790.
  4. Nathaniel Wilson (c1774-1828), served in the War of 1812. He married Mary “Polly” Jacks (c1778-?), daughter of John and Asenath (Martin) Jacks. They lived in Bath County, Kentucky.
  5. Uriah M. Wilson (1804-1838), a farmer in Bath County, Kentucky. He married Mary Hughes Gillespie (1812-adt 1882), daughter of Capt. Simon and Elizabeth (Simpson) Gillespie.
  6.  John C. Wilson (1832-1883), a farmer and blacksmith, moved to Tuscola, Illinois. He married Elizabeth Ann Mallory (1846-1910), daughter of John and Angeline (Hildreth) Mallory.  John’s early death left the family in straitened circumstances.
  7. Esseneth “Essie” Wilson (1878-1929) married Wilford Luce, a Wyoming rancher, and moved west.
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